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There are 3.9 million households and 17 per cent of the national total are living in social housing. It's time to end social housing stereotypes and see the person inside.

See the person

not the stereotype

7 easy ways for you to get involved

You can contribute in lots of ways, so we thought we would list seven very easy ways you can join in.

Get involved

There are too many negative perceptions of social housing tenants which are unfair and unbalanced. There are far more positive and inspiring stories that need a greater profile to counteract the current poor image. This campaign is just one way that I can provide my support to challenge the discrimination.

Julie Haywood

There is an unwarranted stigma linked to social housing which is unfortunately supported by the main stream media

Rob Frost

I work with social housing customers every day and every day they inspire me. Ours customers are aspirational and want to do the best for their families and communities. They strive to be the best they can be.

Connie Jennings

I have experienced countless positive interactions with many people who live in social housing and I am continually inspired by the good work that they do to positively impact their local communities and beyond. The current representation of tenants in the media and the public eye is not only unfair, it is damaging, and I wholeheartedly want to play my part in changing that for the better.

Hannah Thornton

People are not the labels they are given but individuals with hopes, dreams and the ability to contribute so much to their community.

Peter Hubbard

Tenants get a terrible press! They are stereotyped in the worst possible ways and it's so WRONG! It's time to shine.

Jen Barfoot

I have been both a social housing customer and worked for a housing association. Stereotypes are never positive, we must do whatever we can both individually and as bigger organisations to eliminate this.

Laura Naylor

It saddens me that our customers, and more than 50,000 others across Cornwall, are stigmatised and viewed by the media and by the rest of society as being 'different', as being something 'other', just for living in a social rented home.

Allister Young

It makes large section of the community feel disregarded and stubbed, and gives the wrong picture of people in social housing

Mohamed Rafiq Kavde

I am a social housing tenant who has faced numerous individuals with their misguided views on tenants and how they think we are some sort of 2nd class citizen! We need to change these views urgently!

Nichola Rodgerson

We should all give each other equal chances in life. It doesn't and shouldn't matter what sort of place we live in, whether we own it or, if we rent, who is our landlord.

John Loveless

I have spent much of my life campaigning against and researching about poverty; and stigma has always been a key issue and it needs challenging whatever the context.

Baroness Ruth Lister

Everyone's circumstances are different things happen in life that are uncontrollable , anything can happen

LLana Harvey

As a GP working for the NHS, I see first hand the impact this stigma has on the mental health of people within my local community.

Natalie Hartley

I believe that Social Housing offers safe, secure housing to a wide range of people who make a positive contribution to society.

Bob Heapy

Having worked in social housing for more than 10 years I have seen first hand the difference that social housing makes to those in greatest need and the difference that those individuals make to society when they are given the security we take for granted.

Alexine Storey

I have seen how negative stereotyping within housing associations and the media has affected the way in which we communicate with tenants and the impact this has on our communities and individuals. I will work towards challenging these perceptions and the language we use in our communications.

Rachel Branson

Negative stereotypes are unfair and damaging. This important campaign is led by tenants and supports them to be heard. It's about time we supported tenants to set a different narrative on social housing.

Catherine Little

Negative stereotyping is unfair, prevents community cohesion; allows policy makers to unfairly allocate resources.

Richard Peacock

We have to stamp out stereotyping of social housing Tenants. .....we won't be ignored any longer Stop Now!!!!!!!!

Chris Moseley

I utterly reject the casual stigmatisation to which so many of our fellow citizens have been subjected for so long.

Robin Tebbutt

I am a tenant myself and have a lot of friends and relations who are as well. Without social housing many people would not have a home and we need to look to the future as property gets more and more expensive and future generations will not be able to afford to leave home let alone buy anywhere to live .

Christine Ann Pachner

Negative public and media attitudes have a detrimental impact upon social housing tenants and landlords and we want to challenge this and create a more positive image of social housing tenants in the media.

Sara Herrington

I see Social Housing as a safety net that can offer support and stability to individuals and communities giving all a chance to flourish and that should not be a negative experience

Helen Lindop

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