7 easy ways you can get involved with the #BenefitToSociety campaign

By March 4, 2018Campaign

One of the ways we’re getting people to think about their attitudes and question if they pigeonhole people unfairly, is to use social media to get people thinking, chatting and pledging their support.

We have a team of tenants and housing professionals are collaborating to manage our social media accounts – each of us taking shifts to listen and start conversations.

In short we’re asking you to:

  • See the person, not the stereotype
  • Think before you judge

You can contribute in lots of ways, but I thought I’d list seven very easy ways you can join in.

1. Pledge your support

Go to the ‘pledge’ page on the website to sign your name. If possible, please take time to leave a few words on why you support the campaign!

2. Get the Twibbon and Facebook frame

This visible sign that you show your support might get your Twitter followers and Facebook friends interested, and we’d love you to proudly champion the cause!

Add to your Facebook profile picture
Add to your Twitter profile picture

3. Do the quiz and share it

This is a simple quiz to get everyone thinking about the places they have lived. Many of us experience a surprising number of different circumstances in our lives – this is just a conversation starter.

Share your answers with your friends, and encourage them to take part.

Would you judge them on the places they’ve lived?

Take the quiz on Facebook
Take the quiz on Twitter

4. Like, share, comment

Help us reach more people and tell us your thoughts. All the ideas, stories and support you can contribute matter!

5. Turn on notifications

Just for two weeks, get notifications of all our posts so you can keep up with the conversation.

benefit to society twitter feedThat means on Twitter, you’ll get alerts on your mobile phone.

benefit to society facebook feedOn Facebook, it means when you go to your home feed we’ll be the first thing you see.

6. Use the hashtag


7. Get others involved

Spread the word! If you can think of people you know, local politicians or celebrities who you think would get behind this, tag them in our posts!

Here’s an example, where I reply to a tweet hoping to get some MPs and megastar Cher to pledge their support – if only!

twitter conversation

Written by Helen Reynolds

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