Theresa May has called for end to social housing ‘stigma’

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We welcome today’s announcement that Theresa May has called for end to social housing ‘stigma’ as she pledges £2bn for new homes.

However, we need to recognise the reasons for the stigma that many social housing tenants face on a daily basis. The reduction in numbers of properties has meant that fewer people now have direct experience of social housing and increasingly it is seen as a tenure of last choice and as a safety net.

This view of social housing has in the past been reflected in media programming, recognised in ‘poverty porn’ but through our research we know that Social housing tenants have a very different perspective and their narrative shows the value of community in their local area and of their volunteering, caring and work.

Earlier this year the NUJ launched the Fair press guide, encouraging media outlets to consider the facts and see the real stories of people and their community to put an end to negative stereotypes of social housing tenants.

We recognise that changing perceptions must also start within the housing sector, so far over 30 Housing providers have made a commitment to tackle stigma where they see it, challenge the behaviours and conversations of staff and stakeholders as well as the general public.

We look forward to engaging with the government on putting an end to negative stereotypes of social housing tenants

Time to see the person!

Building Momentum

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How the Benefit to Society campaign is building momentum

Over the last few weeks we have had the opportunity to present the campaign for Benefit to Society to Housing professionals around the UK. The launch took place at the recent Chartered Institute for Housing (CIH) Conference in Manchester on 28 June 2017, followed by the TPAS Awards in early July. Last week a group of tenants met with housing staff and National Union of Journalists (NUJ) to better understand the impact that negative press has on social tenants.  The NUJ are now producing a Benefit to Society Journalists Guide and we will continue to work with them on producing a library of images that better reflect social housing and their tenants.

Last week a small group of us met at Facebook head office to talk about the research conducted by our commissioned YouGov Poll and to plan the national launch with support and help from the Facebook team and Media Trust .

This is an exciting time as we build momentum, we will continue to encourage other Housing Organisations to join the campaign and for tenants to step forward and lend us their voice.

If you would like to take part and join the campaign please sign up to our mailing list.

We need your voice

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We need your voice to help us get fair press for Social Housing Tenants. 12 Housing Organisations, are working with the NUJ (National Union of Journalists) to produce a journalists guide on how to report fairly and responsibly on social housing and social housing tenants.

If you would like to be involved, please complete this survey: Fair Press for Social Housing.

The survey can be completed anonymously or you can choose to leave your details.